Video- Fighting season in Afghanistan

Canadian photographer Louie Palu captures a sense of what the war looks like from the front lines in Afghanistan. Edited by Randy Risling(Dec. 27, 2008)



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Hi all. I'm a newspaper photo/video journalist at The Gazette in Montréal, Canada, and I'm just reviving my film making skills from my university days, for the online version of our paper. It's been 13years since I began shooting professionally, four years at The Gazette, and a year since I've begun shooting and producing video stories and documentary shorts. I'm enjoying it immensely. In addition I have taught photojournalism at Concordia University's school of journalism, been a guest lecturer and panelist on classes and workshops on photo and multi media journalism. View all posts by Phil Carpenter

3 responses to “Video- Fighting season in Afghanistan

  • Alain Décarie

    Merci Mister Carpenter de me faire découvrir le travail Louie Palu et de ses collègues du Star. The refugees of Dadaab et Rock Star for a Day les deux autres multimédia que j’ai vu c’est fort.
    I will come back on your blog for sure. A.D.

  • Phil

    Thanks Alain. Where do I find those stories, The refugees of Dadaab and Rock Star for a Day?

  • Alain Décarie

    Hi Phil, at this adress and you scroll down on the page.
    Je n’ai pas eu le temps de tout regarder il y en a beaucoup. Ce n’est pas de la mauvaise télévision c’est de l’excellent nouveau média. Ça peut devenir meilleur que tout le reste.
    Let’s rock the new year.

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