The state of Multimedia

Multimedia in 2008

A look back at the state of multimedia in 2008 by Colin Mulvany, a multimedia producer at The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington. He points out that despite cutbacks at many papers, including the elimination of entire photo departments, the need for skill in multimedia remains high. He points out the many improvements in multimedia skill by photographers, and the improvements to newspaper websites in recognition of the importance of video.


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Hi all. I'm a newspaper photo/video journalist at The Gazette in Montréal, Canada, and I'm just reviving my film making skills from my university days, for the online version of our paper. It's been 13years since I began shooting professionally, four years at The Gazette, and a year since I've begun shooting and producing video stories and documentary shorts. I'm enjoying it immensely. In addition I have taught photojournalism at Concordia University's school of journalism, been a guest lecturer and panelist on classes and workshops on photo and multi media journalism. View all posts by Phil Carpenter

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