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“CNN Show Written, Edited, Produced by Photojournalists.” Food For Thought

So often as TV and print photojournalists, we complain about not getting “good” assignments, the kinds that allow us to tell stores rather than “illustrate” one.  But then many of us do nothing about it.  Too many of us fail to pitch stories when we, as visual journalists, are in the best positon to know what works as a visual story, still or video.  No wonder many editors and other don’t take us seriously, or see our function as producing “art” for pages or providing images “for a reporter’s story.”  We can and should do better than that, and should be challenged to do so.  See what some CNN shooters are doing; just click on the image below to read the column at Poynter Online:



“Moving On” Trailer.

Trailer on a short documentary I produced and shot for the Montreal Gazette, on the Anglophone Exodus from Quebec due to the politics and the threat of separating from Canada. It’s told through the eyes of people who left.  Series starts January 31.   Click on the picture below to watch the trailer.

PC08 1029 EXODUS06

The Better Formula1 Groundhog Picture, by Jacques Boissinot

Here it is, the winner in my opinion, courtesy Jacques Boissinot, Canadian Press.  Compare it with mine in a previous post below and clearly this is the winner, by far.  Location, location, location.


Destination Inauguration: short video doc on Montrealers who went to see Obama


Citizen “journalism.” First Picture of US Airways in the Hudson River. Photo by Janis Krums

Citizen journalism. There is so much to be said about being in the right place at the right time with a camera, and kudos to Mr. Krums for the amazing picture (taken with an iphone apparently), and the sense to post it on Twitter.

I have no reason to think that in this case the image was manipulated. But with all the attention this is getting, and with the use of this by some to trumpet the advantages of citizen “journalism,” vigilance must be the watchword if we rely too much on eyewitness reports (visual or otherwise) as journalism. Besides authenticity, we must remember that mere reporting of something alone isn’t journalism. It’s for that reason the editor in chief at The Gazette said recently that stories like that in his paper won’t EARN a byline.

What Mr. Krums did no doubt was a service to the public and journalism, especially since the image seems not to have been altered. But it served the public well by adding to the number of sources who witnessed the event, which will help with the analysis of that event. The analysis and making sense of something through multiple sources and points of view; now that’s journalism.


Thirst In The Mojave

Thirst In The Mojave, a new Multimedia piece from the Las Vegas Sun. CLICK ON IMAGE TO START. Great combination of video, stills and graphics. Even though there are technical problems like out of focus shots, the editing and the pacing makes it work. Maybe more b-roll shots to cover some of the technical problems would have worked better. Also credits at the end would have been nice. Multimedia projects like this seem to be increasing on newspaper websites as we get better and faster at doing it, despite shrinking staff everywhere. For this piece, according to the producer, ” about 20 hours of footage were shot and edited down to 22 minutes for the main narrative. “The piece was also edited for TV…” something I think newspapers have to consider more and more for some projects of this scale. What do you guys think?

Devil's Golf Course

Montreal Gazette Photographers’ Pictures of The Year, 2008

PC08 0917 GUNS01

A collection of images picked by staff photographers at the Montreal Gazette, from some their best work of 2008. Click on the image to see the audio slideshow, set to the music of 2 Montreal bands: Torngat and Bad Flirt.