Thirst In The Mojave

Thirst In The Mojave, a new Multimedia piece from the Las Vegas Sun. CLICK ON IMAGE TO START. Great combination of video, stills and graphics. Even though there are technical problems like out of focus shots, the editing and the pacing makes it work. Maybe more b-roll shots to cover some of the technical problems would have worked better. Also credits at the end would have been nice. Multimedia projects like this seem to be increasing on newspaper websites as we get better and faster at doing it, despite shrinking staff everywhere. For this piece, according to the producer, ” about 20 hours of footage were shot and edited down to 22 minutes for the main narrative. “The piece was also edited for TV…” something I think newspapers have to consider more and more for some projects of this scale. What do you guys think?

Devil's Golf Course


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Hi all. I'm a newspaper photo/video journalist at The Gazette in Montréal, Canada, and I'm just reviving my film making skills from my university days, for the online version of our paper. It's been 13years since I began shooting professionally, four years at The Gazette, and a year since I've begun shooting and producing video stories and documentary shorts. I'm enjoying it immensely. In addition I have taught photojournalism at Concordia University's school of journalism, been a guest lecturer and panelist on classes and workshops on photo and multi media journalism. View all posts by Phil Carpenter

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