Hello everybody.  Thanks for stopping by.

I am Phil Carpenter, a photo and video journalist at The Gazette, an English language daily in Montreal.  I started in this the business in 1995, with a background in film and TV studies (Communication Studies) at Concordia University in Montreal.  During my last year at school I began freelancing as a photojournalist for The Gazette.  Years later, I was hired on staff.

Now after so many years working as a still photojournalist, I’ve come full circle shooting video stories as well for my paper.  I am inspired by some excellent work that I’ve seen online.  There is so much that I have to learn and relearn, which is why I’ve started this blog to exchange ideas, debate and discuss issues about this medium that concerns us all.  I look forward to the challenge.

There has been much hand wringing about the death of photojournalism in this the new age of video journalism, in the traditional print media.  I say bring it on, because it isn’t the death of photojournalism at all.  Rather I think it’s a new tool in our kit that is breathing new life in the craft.  For that I say hurrah!!

Below is a link to a project called Life Stories, that I’m doing for The Gazette.  It’s a series of video stories on the lives of ordinary people.  Would love your feedback, including criticism.




14 responses to “About

  • Martin Benoit

    Welcome to the blogosphere Phil,
    great idea, I will foward it to my students as a model.
    Have fun as usual

  • Phil Carpenter

    Merci Martin. Just following your example 😉

  • Denise Duguay

    Hi Phil. love your “about” piece and love the blog. I am so glad to hear a fellow newspaper journalist embrace the incredible explosion of potential right now (we’re not alone, but we’re not yet the majority). the visual, the words, the sound: it’s all been thrown up in the air and we can either start juggling and see what we catch or let it fall. bring it on. have fun. i’ll keep checking you out. can’t wait for this series.

  • Phil Carpenter

    Thanks Denise; that means a lot.

  • Elise Hogberg

    Hi Phil. I’m one of the Dawson photography students you gave a lecture to last year. I feels a little cheesy saying this but I wanted to say that you really inspired me. I’m in the process of applying to Concordia in communication studies in order to learn more about multimedia and how I can incorporate it in my work, also to have more to offer future clients/employers. I found your blog while trying to get inspired for an essay I am writing for my application and I really enjoy it! It’s nice to see that there a positive view as the world of media is going through a major makeover! Thanks for everything.

  • Phil Carpenter

    Thank you Elise. Tell me I can help, and good luck with ur application to Comm Studies. Good programme; I know first hand 😉 Let me know how it goes.

  • Ayelet

    Hi Phil,
    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    The new media opens a whole new world of options, we just need to evolve with it.

    My name is Ayelet, and I work at Beamups, which is a website that lets video and photo journalists from around the world to upload newsworthy footage to sell directly to broadcasters, web publishers and production companies across the globe.

    I would love to tell you more about us, but I didn’t see a an email address on your blog.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Glen Canning

    Great blog Phil. VJing gets more exciting everyday.

  • Michael Fox

    Good blog, Phil. Stay in touch.



  • Dawn Nan Ness

    J’aime votre …blog. : )

    Just had a moment to peruse. Nice! Glad to see it!

  • Anik Viger, Lozeau

    Hello Phil,

    Very interesting blog!
    After you stop by, at our store, I did some search and you’re doing a great work! Love it!
    I bookmarked you blog.



  • James Cuff

    Hi Phil, really like your Life Stories project and have enjoyed reading your blog. Some great posts. Keep up the good work.

  • Peter Kelly

    Hi Phil,

    I represent a local club (the Lakeshore Camera Club) and we’d like to know if you would be available to be a guest speaker at one our Monday Night Meetings at Stewart Hall Bldg in Pointe-Claire in the Fall 2011 or Winter or Spring in 2012.

    If this is something that would interest you, please let me know as soon as possible what would be your fee. The meetings usually start at 8pm and end at 10pm.

    Much Appreciated,
    Peter Kelly

  • Natalee Hazelwood

    Hi Phil, I work in the UK local newspaper scene and was hired 3 years ago as a newly graduated photographer to produce online video reports for a number of local papers in the area. I taught myself video and learnt tactics from watching my fellow reporters and photograhers. As great as the teams are I am the only one in the group so it can be a little isolating so reading your blog was quite inspiring and a great way to see how others debate the issue from a photographic stance and embrace this new demand as a way that photojournalism can survive. I saw your Haiti report on vimeo which in turn lead me here. Thanks for sharing.

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