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Missing In Action

Apologies for the absence. I’ve been quite busy the last two months. First with a workshop in Texas – Advanced Storytelling , then with a trip to Rwanda to teach multimedia journalism for a month to journalists which is just wrapping up, and about which I’ve been blogging. I promise a full report on all activities within days.


The Amazing Skidboot

The Amzing Skidboot What a beautiful story: excellent writing, good shooting and great editing. There is just one surprise after another and the more you watch, the more you want to watch.


‘The Lens’ Montreal Gazette Photo Blog.

The Lens


Newspaper Misidentifies Journalist as Terror Suspect

A local French-language Montreal paper today on their website apparently misidentified a Canadian Press reporter, and buddy of mine Sidhartha Banerjee as a terror suspect.   Apparently the page wasn’t up for very long.  What the hell!!


“Moving On” Trailer.

Trailer on a short documentary I produced and shot for the Montreal Gazette, on the Anglophone Exodus from Quebec due to the politics and the threat of separating from Canada. It’s told through the eyes of people who left.  Series starts January 31.   Click on the picture below to watch the trailer.

PC08 1029 EXODUS06

The Better Formula1 Groundhog Picture, by Jacques Boissinot

Here it is, the winner in my opinion, courtesy Jacques Boissinot, Canadian Press.  Compare it with mine in a previous post below and clearly this is the winner, by far.  Location, location, location.


Favorite Picture of Mine of ’08


It happened all of a sudden. During a free practice session in June at what might have been Montreal’s last Grand Prix weekend, a groundhog (mistaken for a beaver by some F1 drivers) popped up from a hole in the grass at the Casino Hairpin, to the surprise and glee of many spectators.
Luckily for me, it didn’t venture onto the track right away, but sat there munching away and watching the cars whiz by a foot or two away.
Because of that, I had time to race down flights of bleacher steps, upsetting spectators on the way, in order to get closer to get a good shot.
Truth be told, I was hoping that the thing would get on the track. Obviously a groundhog racing an F1 car would make a way better picture, and I didn’t think it would get run over, since the cars would have to slow down for the hairpin turn.
Finally the brazen little bugger did get on the track. When the first car came round the corner, the groundhog panicked, running this way and that, getting more confused, no doubt, by the yelling spectators trying to give it directions. All the drivers slowed down to avoid it, as did Lewis Hamilton who appeared to be not too bothered by the incident. Kudos to Jacques Boissinot from Canadian Press though for getting the best picture of the incident that I’ve seen.
To my knowledge, no groundhogs surfaced on race day. Rumour had it that workers went a-hunting the night before and caged many of them for release
later. City workers rounding up groundhogs: That is something I would’ve loved to have seen.